This Is Not My Puppy

If you live with a small mammal (a dog, a cat, a toddler...), they're going to fall in love with me. I can't stop it. I met this puppy the day of the shoot. He insisted on a pet on the head. I tried to warn him, but from that point on, puppy decided that I would not be taking any photos that day without him. 

I'm QuianaRose, owner of Design A Rose Interiors in Chicago, IL. I have a soothing voice, I'm very loving, and I'm a raging nerd.


I'm actually the last Harrington College of Design graduate, which is where I earned a Master's in Hospitality Interior Design. My work life began in qualitative market research, meaning I've asked people some of the most personal and ridiculous questions imaginable.

I have worked in the design industry as a vendor, a contractor, and as a designer over the past 6 years. I started as an intern in Chicago for the iconic luxury fabric store, Scalamandre. I've also worked on the media end for Chicago Magazine as well as the sales side for the architectural stone and tile manufacturer Materials Marketing.

I decided to branch out on my own to create unique spaces for my clients (Rosebuds). I currently spend a lot of my time in bathroom design and restoration in Chicago and the South suburbs.

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