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Meet QuianaRose, founder of Chicago-based Design A Rose

I am not antisocial or shy; however, I am an introvert, an empath, and a highly sensitive person. Like you, I need space—in my head and in my home.

I started Design A Rose Interiors in Beverly, Chicago, IL, as a solution to my quest for mental space in an environment that is calming and rejuvenating as well as luxurious and stylish.


My design philosophy is P.E.A.C.E. You deserve a stress-free, inspiring and nurturing space through soothing and modern interior design based on your emotional, spiritual, and sensory needs.

Is Your Design Style More Introverted, Empathic, Or Highly Sensitive?

Ready for your perfect place of PEACE?

This quiz will give you specific interior design ideas and concepts just for you as an introvert, an empath, or an HSP.

Like you, I need space in my head and in my home.



Design A Rose Interiors serves residential and hospitality clients in Chicagoland and beyond who are ready to create the life they've worked so hard for with elegant, fun, and slightly opulent interior design that is focused on your spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs. 

I know you've reached the moment in your life where you are ready to be there for yourself? (Because you’ve already been there for everyone else.)

In my experience, you likely know exactly what you like and how you want to feel in your space, but you may not know how or have time to put it all together.

Frai 3D 1-Untitled-20221024-022806.jpg

You also may not realize how your interior environment can help with physical ailments, stress, allergies, and even enhance your business and familial goals. The psychology behind interior design can work wonders.


For this reason, Design A Rose Interiors offers:  


  • Virtual and in-person design consultations

  • Full-service & eDesign options for interior design and project management

  • Residential design for mid to high-end interiors

  • Hospitality design for boutique hotels and restaurants

  • Bathroom and kitchen interior design and restoration with the top kitchen and bath contractors in the US

  • Comfortable designs for people with allergies, sensitivities or neurodivergent needs

  • High-end quality and design furniture trade options including semi-custom creations

  • Wholesale and retail vendor relationships for curated shopping lists with the ability to ship directly to you


QuianaRose holds an M.A. in Interior Design with a focus on hospitality design from the Harrington College of Design in Chicago. She earned her B.A. in Interior Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology Chicago (IADT) with a focus on textiles. 

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Begin Your Journey to a Nurturing and Rejuvenating Interior Environment

To start your home transformation, schedule your complimentary Clarity Call.


  • Speak directly with QuianaRose about your big vision for this project

  • Ask questions, and discuss your timeline and goals

  • We'll decide the best way to meet with you and create a plan for your new inspiring space 

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