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About QuianaRose

I'm dedicated to helping you create elegant, fun, and opulent interiors centered around your spiritual, emotional, and psychological well-being.

I support hardworking individuals like you, who've dedicated so much of your energy to others, finally focus on being there for yourself by designing your interior environment to cater to your love of calm, luxurious comfort.

You have a vision of your world, but finding the time and expertise to bring it all together can be challenging. That's where I come in...

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My Story

I started Design A Rose Interiors in Beverly, Chicago, IL, as a solution to my quest for mental space.

For 12 years, I worked in qualitative market research. I remember when everything switched to glass wall offices, open-door policies, conversation hubs, and open floorplan homes.

I am not antisocial or shy; however, I am an introvert, an empath, and a highly sensitive person like you. 

"I need my bubble of space."

The nook & a book solution wasn't enough. In 2018, I founded Design A Rose Interiors to create space (peaceful space) for those of us who thrive in a personal setting.

Like you, I need space in my head and in my home.

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PEACE is the Priority

Did you know that your interior environment can have a profound impact on your physical health, stress levels, and overall happiness? 

The psychology behind interior design is powerful. We use research, experience, and empathy to enhance your design:

Applied Science

With a master's and bachelor’s in hospitality interiors QuianaRose applies the science of sound, color, light, touch, ergonomics and more when creating your space.

Special Accommodations

We ensure comfortable spaces for those with ADA requirements, allergy issues, neurodivergent needs, or sensory sensitivities.

Top Contractors

Kitchen & Bath designs are healthy and functional because we collaborate with top kitchen and bath contractors for Chicagoland.

Trade Products

We deliver the utmost in style and sophistication by curating quality trade furniture options to meet your unique home and lifestyle.

Vendor Relationships

It’s easy to source the perfect pieces for your space due to our established wholesale and retail vendor relationships.

Quality Logistics

We use an experienced white glove furniture receiving house to store every project's materials and ensure an organized delivery and installation.

Is Your Design Style More Introverted, Empathic, Or Highly Sensitive?

Leave your email to get this quiz. Discover specific interior design ideas and concepts to fit your personality type.

Find Your PEACE

Testimonials — What Clients Say

We needed help to combine our design styles into a look that suits our personalities. We also needed help with decision fatigue.
Quiana was very detailed and thorough and easy to work with. We liked the design and the ease of viewing the recommended furniture and finishes.

- Pam & Aaren S.

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