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PEACEful Sleep

A Live Mini-Course on How to
Design Your Space for Real Sleep.


Your Sleep Story

You work, You mom, You friend, You spouse, You chauffer...

With all of that work and emotional giving, I bet you have sleep troubles. 

  • Are you tired but not sleepy?

  • Do you need a nap after you wake up?

  • Do you have pregnancy brain without the pregnancy?

  • Do you already know the difference between, white noise, brown noise, green noise, and pink noise, plus you speak fluent whale?


If you have 1 or more Yes's, it let's me know that you have been diligently seeking solutions for rest and comfortable sleep. It also means that you are likely suffering from sleep deprivation.

Want to learn how to use your interior design to defeat those sleepless days and nights?

Join me for PEACEful Sleep Through Interior Design.


A Rosebuds-only live mini course on how to design your space for real sleep. Hosted by QuianaRose of Design A Rose Interiors in Chicago.

Let's get you some Sleep, Rosebud

Did you know I've had trouble sleeping since I was 4 years old?

Because of this, I've researched sleep, I've written about sleep, I've had sleep therapy, I've medicated my sleep, I have a podcast about sleep...

Nurturing quality sleep with the interior design plan is a major part of creating Tranquil Luxe interiors for my Design A Rose Interiors clients. 

Now, I'm sharing my self-taught 20+ years of sleep knowledge with you.

Join me

PEACEful Sleep Through Interior Design

Design Your Way to Real Sleep

In This Mini Course We Will Cover

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Lack of Sleep Really is Bad

If I asked you how you were feeling right now, I feel very confident that your answer would be, "E.  All of the Above." I get it. Life is a whole lot.


Trying to do a whole lot while sleep deprived is annoying and, honestly, dangerous:

  • Lack of sleep lowers your alertness and ability to concentrate. 

  • Being tired affects sensory and perceptual processes like space, time, and touch.

  • Sleep loss can make you moody; it lowers comprehension and weakens your memory.

  • And I wonder if you know that sleep deprivation will make you hungry. Yeah... Hungry.


Elements of interior design can enhance mental and physical wellbeing by tapping into your unique passions and designing to your personality type.

Ready to learn how?

Join me

PEACEful Sleep Through Interior Design

Design Your Way to Real Sleep

PEACEful Sleep Through Interior Design

  • 7-Day Access to the Replay

  • Sleep Knowledge that Lasts Forever

  • Bonus Offer for Live Attendees

  • 60 Min Live Mini Course with QuianaRose

  • A Free Copy of the Class notes

  • Q&A for Live Participants

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What My Design Clients Say

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PEACEful Sleep Through Interior Design

Design Your Way to Real Sleep


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