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Let's talk about the elements of P.E.A.C.E.


This is about your personal space. As one of The Internal, being able to relocate when necessary or compartmentalize your attention in a more focused way is essential. This allows The Internal person to be their most productive and efficient. Being alone is not just for recharging. It is a form of recreation. It is a way for you to be honest, responsive, and involved with your own well being.


We believe that an inward-thinking person really equates to a contemplative person. They are attentive listeners. Attainment of knowledge is not sufficient for The Internal. It's about consumption. It's about making information personal and sustainable prior to judgment. Regular access to and ways of analyzing their surroundings and thoughts are major sources of self-care for the Internal.


The Internal experience a great deal of prejudice. You may have been told that your natural traits are anti-social, fictional, inconvenient, or uncaring. Maybe you've gone through early phases of seeking acceptance from others, eventually finding it in yourself, and lastly realizing acceptance does not need to be sought. The Internal will only willingly enjoy an environment that allows them to be their unconventional self.


Sensory overwhelm is a significant concern for the introverted, empathic, and highly sensitive. This is not about physical comfort only but includes a psychological and experiential environment in which to relieve social stress, increase self-awareness, and induce relaxation. Mental stability and low stimulation are the prime goals in creating a comfortable atmosphere for The Internal.


Art as a way of unique expression is an important resource for developing stimulating and healing surroundings. Providing The Internal with means to indulge their personal freedoms and individuality will create a place of safety and retreat. The goal is to eliminate shame and reward unique interests.

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