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What We Offer
Every project starts with a consultation.


PEACE: Consultation Project Assessment
$550  (Zoom or In-Person)

This is a one-on-one 2-hr tour of your space to discuss if and how your current layout is working for you and how to best achieve your desired design outcome.

Refresh: Consultation Working Session
$1,450  (Zoom or In-Person)

A personal, focused 6-hr work and research session with your designer to complete a design challenge.


$15K Furniture Budget Minimum
Nurture: Full Service Interior Design
(Chicagoland Only)

Nurture is a luxurious, full-service transformation of your space, where we handle every detail from measurements to design concept to install with a proven process.

Inspire: Remote Service Interior Design

Inspire is an advantageous full-service eDesign approach to developing your place of PEACE. We handle almost every detail; however, we've used our years of eDesign experience to manage our full service projects without ever stepping foot in the home! (Accepted per case.)

Rejuvenate: eDesign Service

Rejuvenate is a smart and refreshing eDesign project designed to create your space with expertly selected furniture & design décor, fully online. 

Design A Rose focuses on the notion of Internal Peace. The principles of P.E.A.C.E. combine QuianaRose's years of study and work in market research, human behavior, ergonomics, ADA needs, and evidence-based interior design.
  • Privacy: Create an environment where you thrive on having personal space while being at your most productive and efficient.

  • Education: Establish analytical access to your interests and personal thoughts to make information personal and sustainable.

  • Acceptance: Let your unique personality shine throughout your surroundings and embrace the self-acceptance you have discovered.

  • Comfort: Find physical and psychological relief by lowering social stress, increasing self-awareness, and inducing relaxation through mental stability and low stimulation.

  • Expression: Indulge in your personal freedoms, unique interests and individuality as part of your space of safety and retreat. 

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Testimonials — What Clients Say

"What I love most about Quiana’s design is the bathtub, which is so deep I can soak my whole head in it! It’s my favorite place to relax and listen to music."

- Salees Williams

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Begin Your Journey to a Nurturing and Rejuvenating Interior Environment

To start your home transformation, schedule your complimentary Clarity Call.


  • Speak directly with QuianaRose about your big vision for this project

  • Ask questions, and discuss your timeline and goals

  • We'll decide the best way to meet with you and create a plan for your new inspiring space 

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