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If you want things to change, you have to change some things.

Here are a few quick-start options

DIY: Designer In You

Complete your remodel in your own time with your own hands.

  • Color Collaboration

  • Designer in Your Pocket


You want to implement on your own, but you need design help.

  • Virtual Information Consultation

  • eDesign Room of your choice

Full-Service Design

You're in Chicagoland, and you need full project management.

  • In-person Consultation

  • Full Service Interior Design

I know what you are dealing with for your upcoming design project:

TIME: You have no time, or you're short on time to do this project yourself

MISTAKES: You hate mistakes. You will inevitably make mistakes. You will have to pay $$ for those mistakes.

OVERWHELM: A design project is 3,002.5 decisions. It is Team Too Much.

IDK: You have other passions that need your attention. You know most of what you like, but you do not know the foundations and principles to create a full "look." And lastly, you don't know what you don't know.

Keep scrolling down to see how I can help you


Bringing Your Vision to Life

Dear Rosebud,

At this point, you may be wondering...

What are Interiors for The Internal?

After dissecting my own life and experiences as an introvert, an empath, and a highly sensitive person, I took it upon myself to apply those revelations to my lifelong desire to be an interior designer.


For years, I've researched and found no real connection in the interior design industry that satisfied the needs of inward-thinking people. People couldn't find space at work. All the new homes had zero walls as a universal requirement. All of the introvert design articles pitched a book and a nook and done.


I created the term Internal to give a holistic description and a common language reference to a part of society that is often underserved. There are so many people who could use this information to help understand more about introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people. My online course, Know Your Internal Self, is important not only to The Internal themselves, but to designers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, real estate developers, and owners,.. pretty much anyone who owns, builds, or is responsible for the interior of a building. I proudly point out the current problems in the interior design world for The Internal. I help everyone to understand the true effects of poor design on The Internal. And since talk is cheap, I am a personal interior designer for my clients to give them the freedom to be themselves, the atmosphere to be productive, and the unique energy they need to feel inspired.

Interior Designers Chicago



- Robin B, Architectural Manager, Building Products

I had the pleasure of working with Quiana on a conceptual design for a Fortune 200 company. She approached the project with professionalism, keeping the timeline and budget in mind while producing creative options for the client to consider. Her technical ability to produce conceptual renderings in a variety of software platforms made her an incredible asset when deciding on the best approach to present the work. If you are looking for an interior designer that can bring innovative solutions via best practices, I would highly recommend Quiana for the job.