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If you’re here, Rosebud, you’re likely an Internal individual: an Introvert, an Empath, or a Highly Sensitive Person.


It’s time for you to have a space that is stress free, relaxing, inspiring, and rejuvenating using the proven interior design philosophy that I’ve curated over 18yrs as an interior designer and a market researcher.

Let's talk about your new PEACEful renovation or remodel.

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Empaths flourish in an environment that emphasizes nature and natural materials.

Did you know that 87% of introverts spend the majority of their time in one space of their own home?

It doesn't have to be that way.

Tell me if any of these are you:

  • Your allergy symptoms persist, even when you’re indoors.

  • Loved ones complain that you don’t seem to want to be with them, even when you are with them.

  • Bright lights, loud smells, or frequent noises can quickly drive you from the room.

  • That 90 degree angle between the wall and floor alllll the way over there is calling you to come have a comfy seat.

  • Sometimes you just want the mental space to go somewhere and get lost in your mental space.

Your interior environment

is not properly serving you.

Design A Rose Interior Design testimonia

Intentional lighting levels and surface textures provide relief for this light-sensitive HSP.

I have a BA and an MA in Interior Design. It may not be obvious, but your interior environment is not serving you well as an Internal individual. All of interior design’s principles and implementation are based on Universal Design which focuses on encouraging social interaction and accommodating the majority versus the individual.

I’m your Internal interior designer, QuianaRose.

I've spoken to and observed endless numbers of Internal individuals throughout my life, and we are constantly seeking comfort where it is nowhere to be found.

I approach interior design by accommodating your individual sensory needs as an Internal person. I create elevated and luxurious interior environments that alleviate the uncommon stressors and enhance the distinctive skillsets of introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people. My principles of P.E.A.C.E. combine years of study & work in psychology, human behavior, ergonomics, ADA needs, and evidence-based interior design.






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Introvert Client for Bathroom Renovation

"The best part is the deep tub; I can soak my whole head if I want! And I can play my music in the nook."

I'm your personal interior designer for residential homes, boutique hotels/rentals, and fast-casual dining restaurants.

Your space is more than a pretty face.

I build it to nurture, inspire, & rejuvenate you.

I know this is for you because you've read this far.

Might as well join the community, Rosebud.

Our Services


The Information Consultation is in person (Chicagoland)​ or via Zoom call anywhere in the U.S. Let's take some time to discuss your vision & needs for your home or business. We'll provide general direction on lighting, furniture, color schemes, or style. Options for how Design A Rose Interiors can create an eDesign or Full-Service project focused on bringing you PEACE will be discussed during the end of your session.


If you are a DIY'er or just in need of some assistance to bring your ideas together, Design A Rose can help you bring your project to fruition with an eDesign, a.k.a Virtual Design. Based on your needs, we'll create a flowing layout; pick the best furniture, fixtures, and appliances; and select the perfect colors and finishes. For each room, you'll receive a concept board and a purchase list with clickable links just for you. 

Full Service

We're in Chicago but open to remote services across the U.S. It's our job to hear your requests and assess current and future needs. Giving you the freedom to maintain your daily life, we'll create an environment that is uniquely you and provides a consistent source of rejuvenation while we manage the sourcing, purchasing, budgeting, and project management. Tap PEACE to learn more about our design philosophy.

Shop The Look

Did you see a Design A Rose Interior that you just loved? Before you DM us, we miss it, and it goes out of stock, check to see if the item is on our Shop The Look curated page for The Internal. This page holds the featured designs that we feel wonderfully fit the lifestyle of the introverted, empathic, or highly sensitive. As it grows, you'll see our furniture collections and whole designs you can download.




- Robin B, Architectural Manager, Building Products

She approached the project with professionalism, keeping the timeline and budget in mind while producing creative options for the client to consider.If you are looking for an interior designer that can bring innovative solutions via best practices, I would highly recommend Quiana for the job.


Quiana was punctual and very accommodating. She took her time being detailed with my consultation and provided an honest estimate. Her ideas for my event hall were very elegant and were perfect for the feeling of togetherness, community, and empowerment I want to convey with all my events.


I had trouble visualizing how to set up my theatre room. With Quiana's creativity and industry knowledge, she put together an unbelievable design. All I had to do was take some measurements, then supply her with the dimensions and "before" room photos. An easy and seamless process. Thank you Design A Rose.

- Leslie Levy, Real Estate Broker

- Arthur Anderson, Financial Advisor



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