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Designing for the New Normal: Quality Interior Design

white love seat with decorative armoire Designing for the New Normal: Quality Interior Design

You want to transform your living space into an at-home luxury lounge. But the chair you love has lost its nonexistent mind by saying it won’t deliver for 16 weeks. …rage levels rising…

The world has changed, and so have our needs. In this blog post, we'll explore how to adapt to the new normal by embracing change while creating timeless, quality interiors that cater to your unique personality and also provide solace in these challenging times.

Post-COVID Design Needs

The pandemic has taught us the importance of adaptable spaces. Your home office has now become an essential part of your home. It allows you to efficiently balance your personal and professional lives. As a multifunctional area, this space needs to spark creativity and induce relaxation in a harmonious way.

But this design epiphany applies to more than just your home office. You now need a study hall for the kids, a meditation space away from the kids, a theater room to enjoy with the kids… By considering these evolving needs, we can design spaces that effortlessly blend functionality and beauty.

Maybe you should add a small desk to your new kitchen cabinet configuration instead of trying to work at the breakfast table. Place a coffee/tea corner for 2 in your bedroom; It's better for your spine than lounging in the bed during your spare time. Finish the outdoor space you've been dabbling with for 3 years to expand your scenery options. Basically, give the spaces you have the opportunity to do more for you.

fluffy white bedding against a forest green bedroom wall with a cozy corner for 2 with a tea table. Designing for the New Normal: Quality Interior Design

2-Day Shipping is No Longer the Flex

Patience is key. In this new normal, we must acknowledge that design and construction projects may, no willll take longer than before. People lost their jobs. People started new jobs. Ships sank in the ocean (which is where your chair is BTW). Whole companies shut down. When you accept the new reality that it will take longer than before, you ensure that craftsmanship and quality prevail. Rushing through projects often leads to poor workmanship, subpar products, and unnecessary expenses.

2 relaxing lawn chairs in the water at the sunset Designing for the New Normal: Quality Interior Design

The price of everything went up. Meaning, the price of materials went up for your vendors and service providers as well. So, if anyone is still promising you pre-COVID time and speed, they actually hacked the corner off vs. just cutting it, and you’ll pay for it in the end. Let's embrace the journey and understand that time invested today will yield long-lasting and satisfying results.

Designing for change doesn't mean compromising on comfort or style.

Finding the Balance: Prioritizing Quality and Efficiency

Efficiency is crucial but not at the expense of quality. To strike the perfect balance, open communication with contractors and designers is important. Share your vision, expectations, and concerns openly. Involve multiple professionals as a system of checks and balances, such as a realtor, a designer, and a contractor when building a home or completing a major renovation.

A collaborative approach ensures that your desires are met without compromising the integrity of the project. Remember, your home should be a sanctuary, not a source of stress—that includes during your design project.

Design for Longevity

Investing in quality materials and sustainable design elements pays off in the long run. Reduce the need for frequent replacements by opting for durable products that stand the test of time. Selecting pieces and configurations that match your family and lifestyle vs the current trend will allow your space to evolve gracefully as your life changes. Using consciously healthy design elements will create an environment that supports your well-being while also minimizing your ecological footprint. Remember, if it’s cheap and mass produced, the likelihood of it ending up in a landfill very soon is very high.

This might be the best time for you to invest in custom or semi-custom furnishings and décor. This will ensure it fits exactly who you are and possibly even future generations. You’re going to have to wait 16 weeks for something; It might as well be worth the wait.

The New Normal is Quality Interior Design

outdoor living space condo balcony with living succulent plant wall, white drums, and water feature Designing for the New Normal: Quality Interior Design

As we embrace the new normal, let's embark on a design journey filled with hope and optimism. Designing for change doesn't mean compromising on comfort or style—it means understanding your evolving needs and creating spaces that nurture your soul.

At Design A Rose Interiors, a black-owned and woman-owned business, we specialize in crafting soothing and luxurious environments that bring tranquility to your home or hospitality business. Embracing change and creating timeless spaces is how we create quality interior design in the new normal.

Want More Design Tips, Rosebud?

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You deserve a space that brings you joy, serenity, and a renewed sense of self.

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