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How To Survive An Overwhelming World


With interior designer for introverts, QuianaRose and positive thoughts therapist, Kristal DeFeo, MS.

Join me & Kristal as we talk through our experiences and discoveries about overcoming overwhelm. This one will be real, Rosebud 🖤🌹

Watch our Live Zoom Chat

Kristal, previously a therapist of 10+yrs, is CEO of KDCOACHING: a mini brand with major value! Kristal helps people find their true self again by changing around their negative thinking and bad habits.

QuianaRose, owner of Design A Rose Interiors in Chicago, IL, creates rejuvenating and luxurious interior home designs for introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people looking for a relaxing and fun home environment.

The Why for QuianaRose

As an interior designer, I want to create elegant, fun, slightly opulent, and psychologically satisfying spaces for my clients. I help individuals who are aware of their need for spiritual, emotional, and psychological nurturing. I want to be the designer known for putting people and their mental health before the "pretty" of design. But also have designs that are beautiful and fun.

I care about expressing your creative personality with relaxing and rejuvenating design solutions that are soothing, modern, and beautiful. I'll make sure that your home nurtures your fun side, your emotional side, your mom side… all of your sides.

Feel free to tap the button below and schedule a free Clarity Call to learn more about how you can have a Luxurious and PEACEful home.

Looking forward, Rosebud 🖤🌹


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