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What does post-COVID-19 restaurant design look like?

Are you a restaurateur? The future of restaurant design is no longer going to be using every square inch of the space as it once was.

I'm QuianaRose of Design A Rose Interiors. I create a unique design experience for you, the introverted, the empathic, and/or the highly sensitive by accommodating your personal sense of PEACE: Privacy. Education. Acceptance. Comfort. Expression.

And I have a thought...


An intimate setting just became the most desirable setting for a restaurant atmosphere. I'm a new interior designer who's been experimenting with the concept of solo dining for a few years. What if restaurants encouraged single diners? It's a market that's always been a little quiet or taboo, eating alone. I don't mean just sitting at a Starbucks enjoying your book or screenplay but full-blown evening premium casual plus dining.

I decided to attempt an entire restaurant whose main focus was solo dining. I called the restaurant The One Restaurant...get it?...get it..?

The theme is based on the individual petals of a succulent plant. Each individual petal of a succulent holds its own water and helps to maintain the success of the whole plant. The One Restaurant is a complete circle with every seating arrangement having its very own cubicle with a window. Now, you might balk at the idea of a cubicle, but why are there adult swaddling classes? And by that I mean adults being swaddled in gigantic sheets by other adults. Why are weighted blankets such a phenomenon? Why is sensory deprivation all the rage? Our world was on 11, and we want some peace and calm. As an introvert who knows other introverts, we're doing pretty well during this downtime.


The One Restaurant has a lot of subliminal hints to solo dining being desirable. The dining tables are shaped like a trapezoid so that the long side is for the diner and the short side does not hint that someone is missing. The table faces the privacy glass window so that you can enjoy the view and enjoy your food without the distraction of watching others watch you. The maze in the center invites one to linger and lounge. And the sun rays of diners are continued on the rooftop terrace with an invitation to enjoy the open-air and take time for oneself.

If you're looking for solutions to your dining arrangements, I'd love to help with your pr0ject.

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If there were a restaurant that celebrated the idea of you dining alone, would you go?


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