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Go color crazy - Living room idea

Interior Design inspiration rainbow kiwi
I know it's artificial, but that is not the point.

Alright, go down this rabbit hole with me on this living room idea and how I got there. By now you know that I, QuianaRose, love color. I began to wonder just how much I do love color. Could I push myself to include alllll the colors? So I specifically Googled "Rainbow Kiwi", and this is what I got.

I'm gonna do it. I'm going to turn this rainbow kiwi into an interior design challenge.

So here is where my brain started to tick. The seeds stand out. Well they aren't even a color. They are black. But they touch every color. They are a common denominator. They are each bathed in white to make them stand out. They form a shape which looks like lips to me (and you eat a Kiwi with your mouth, come on!)

So I look for black lips. Yup. That is my starting aesthetic. There's a lot of pictures of people's lovely lips out there. Didn't necessarily hate that tangent. But here is where I ended up.

Interior design inspiration black lips sculpture
Do you see it. Do you see the hospitality glam before you?

So it begins... hospitality glam. What kind of room..? hospitality is always about sitting for some reason.., so living room it is. I typically start a living room with a sofa.

Living room ideas black sofa
Google Search "Black Sofa"

Typical sofa things. But we want something with the gleam of our lips, the exotic of our fruit, and also comfy (and maybe a little sexy).

Living room idea black sofa tufted

Living room idea black arm chair tufted

I find this sofa set with the tufting (like seeds...... come on), lovely nail head trim and a beautiful, smooth, comfy, black suede... she wins!

Now we think, this all-color-encompassing room is only black. Can't have that. Color. How are we going to bring in the color? Obviously pillows. But I don't want to chicken out with just pillows. I then look for actual furniture pieces in color. To keep this from getting muddy and to stay with the feel of our rainbow kiwi, we look for solid, saturated hues: no patterns. All must fit our sleek glam and hospitality comfort.

Yay. Now we have a palette to mix with. I always start with one or two pieces (the lips art and the black sofa), find pieces to stay in that energy and silhouette, regardless of time or style (because I am at heart eclectic), and I then put the room or house together.

Living room idea black sofa tufted rainbow colors challenge

The last thing on my list is the paint color. I want a paint color that will help your pieces stand out. I select gray because it has a sleek elegant feel to it. It also does not take away from our rainbow pieces in any way. They get to shine bright. Random tip, don't skimp on the crown molding. It can add value and character to any home in a heartbeat.

Okay. I created a living room idea out of a rainbow kiwi. If you like it, let me know. If you want a rainbow room of your own, shop Here. If you love my beautiful color craziness, shop Here.

Leave a comment. I'd love to know what kind of color challenges you run into. I call it colorphobia. Don't be afraid.


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