Sometimes you may not need a full-service eDesign. We're here to help you Love on Your Home. Do you need help deciding on fabric and wall colorings? This service is purely to give you color direction for your space. We can take your thoughts and inspirations and turn them into a beautiful color palette to work within your room or home. We can return to you a mock-up of your room with the chosen paint colors on the walls. Fabric suggestions may be given as well.


Note that Color Collaboration is solely online. If you would like an in-person or online virtual consultation, please purchase the Information Consultation as well.

Color Collaboration

    • This Service covers 1 room per purchase which is equal to a 144 square foot floor space
    • Up to 4 hours of online-only service to help client select a color scheme/palette for the specified location (this includes any briefing of client's project status and desires outside of the scope briefing questionnaire and/or a completed information consultation)
    • 2 concept images with paint color or wall covering choices for the specified space's walls
    • 2 color palette layouts of main colors and accent colors for the specified space​
    • A shopping list of what manufacturer and SKU of paint colors or wall coverings you should test in your home under different lighting conditions
    • 1 revision equal to less than 50% of 1 of the concepts is available which must be requested within 7 days of deliverable receipt

    Designer shall provide client with the following additional services on an ‘as needed’ basis at the discretion of the designer:

    • Fabric pattern suggestions to complement your color scheme

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