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Don't Follow Design Trends If You Want a Perfectly Curated Space

Rosegold and white kitchen Don't Follow Design Trends If You Want a Perfectly Curated Space

Let's face it, scrolling through perfectly curated interiors on social media can be inspiring. The images of stylish living rooms, chic bedrooms, and dreamy, creamy kitchens can trigger an immediate desire to transform your own space. But here's the catch: when you blindly follow design trends without personalizing them to suit your taste and lifestyle, you risk losing the essence of what makes your space truly yours. It's your sanctuary, not just another photogenic backdrop for an IG post.

Imagine walking into your home after a long day and being greeted by a space that fills your heart with warmth and contentment. Your favorite artwork is on the walls, your remotes reside in a box made to hold the Hope Diamond, and every corner of your home whispers your name. That's the magic of creating a space that reflects you and your journey.

Basically, don't follow design trends if you want a perfectly curated space. Here's how to avoid those bland design trends and cookie-cutter spaces.

1. What are you doing?

Upholstered King Louis chair in cream and sliver next to brown leather hand bag on the floor. Don't Follow Design Trends If You Want a Perfectly Curated Space

Don’t start your interior design search with what you like. Start with what you do. Is your home set up to accommodate that little strip tease we all do as we walk in the door to end the day? For me, it’s coat> shoes> purse> earrings> bra> hair.

(Wouldn’t this be a fun, timed gameshow obstacle).

Following the flow of your life and your day is the essence of design. Typically, we think of the décor part of design when updating a room. But what do you like to see while working? Are you bumping into things on your nighttime bathroom trips? What’s the first task you take on when you enter each room? Is your home designed to make these activities easier? Accommodating these needs is the difference between designing and decorating. Photo by Sam Hojati on Unsplash

2. Why are you doing it?

I often have a client say, “I want a cabinet under those stairs.” (And boy, does a cabinet not fit or belong under those stairs). It’s my job to ask why they want a cabinet, and why do they want a cabinet in that spot. The response I get usually hovers around, “I just think it would look nice”, or “I want some extra storage”, or “I saw something similar on a post.”

"Now we can solve the real desire"

The First thing is, I now know they want extra storage in this area: that doesn’t necessarily need to go in that exact spot. Then we work out what they mean by “looks nice” and work on the feeling, color, or spaciousness that is driving their enjoyment of the inspiration image. Now we can solve the real desire, storage, and create the personal feel they want for their space without mimicking the inspiration image that isn’t created for my client’s lifestyle or their home’s architecture.

3. Get someone else to do it.

You’re busy. You’re so busy that you’re starting to forget why you took on all this extra hustle in the first place. You likely took on all this work so that you could relax. (We’re a backwards little society aren’t we?).

Testimonial of design services by QuianaRose of Design A Rose Interior Chicago. Don't Follow Design Trends If You Want a Perfectly Curated Space

At this point, you are raising a family, re raising yourself, caring for your parents, managing a 3-story household, building a business, and you just got a new puppy. You don’t have time. You don’t. That’s why you’ve been saying you’re going to redo the kitchen for 3 years. You’ve been building that home gym in your head since you were 15. Your home office is still blush pink and gray, which was like so 20teen… lol.

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Use The Design Trends as a Springboard

Instagram and TikTok can be wonderful sources of inspiration, but they should never replace the joy and satisfaction that comes from curating a space that's genuinely yours. These platforms are a treasure trove of creative ideas, however, the key is to use them as a springboard rather than a rulebook.

Consider how you move throughout your home before applying the visual look of an inspiration image. Then ask yourself what it is that you truly like about the image; is it the colors, the minimalism, or is it actually the sunlight? That’s how you figure out what’s truly inspiring you so that you can incorporate that into your own space. And don’t be afraid to buy back your time by hiring an interior designer to help you curate the perfect place of tranquility and peace.

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