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You're Busy: Why Hiring an Interior Designer is Essential for Introvert Self Care

bright window with oversized reading chair blanket throw pillow floor lamp tray table Hiring an Interior Designer is Essential for Introvert Self Care

As an executive woman, your schedule is probably jam-packed with web meetings, content creation, cookie runs, networking events, and small human catastrophes. As an introvert, (after all that) you don't have the time or energy to think about refurnishing the house. And, what if it still doesn't come out the way you feel it should've.

Hiring an interior designer can actually help you be more productive, feel more comfortable in your space, and save you time in the long run. An experienced interior designer can help you create a luxurious and peaceful home environment that not only meets your needs as an introvert, but also reflects your unique style. Read on to learn more about why hiring an interior designer can be a smart investment for busy, introverted executive women.

How To Know If You Need An Interior Designer

If you're constantly feeling tired and stressed despite working so hard to feel relaxed and energized, then it's time to consider a few changes in your home environment. And while you want to tackle it yourself, you know that you don’t have the bandwidth for it, right now. The best way to make those interior design changes is to hire a professional interior designer.

"You don’t have the bandwidth for it."

Reasons why you should hire an interior designer are plentiful: we have the expertise to come up with creative and unique solutions to enhance the look and feel of your home, and we'll also save you time and money. It’s my job as your interior designer to take your dreams for a peaceful and luxurious home environment and make them a reality—something you can start but may not have time to finish. Plus, if you want to create a beautiful, calming home space that will help reduce stress and increase energy levels, it should not be a stressful and draining process. You already have a full schedule.

What Kind Of Services Can An Interior Designer Provide?

Many homeowners get frustrated when tackling their own interior design projects: Decision fatigue, loud noises, no kitchen access, selection debates between spouses, mismatched finishes, scheduling confusion, unavailable or backordered products, surprise infestations! It can all be a major headache. An experienced interior designer can help ease the burden by taking away the stress and making sure that all aspects of the project are handled with precision, care and timing.

Bright bathroom with standing shower and vanity with happy testimonial for design a rose interiors You're Busy: Why Hiring an Interior Designer is Essential for Introvert Self Care

Your interior designer will manage vendor errors, select materials that won't need to be replaced soon, solve selection battles, discuss matters with your contractor, sometimes bring you cookies, and a whole lot more.

Think about the last time you were on hold with a company trying to locate a package or get a replacement. Now multiply that times 10,000 tasks (and hours) you don't have to worry about because your designer did them for you.

How To Find The Perfect Interior Designer For Your Personality

Let's skip the obvious search criteria like your budget and the designer's location. To make hiring an interior designer worth it, you should consider how you want your design to make you feel when it is complete, and how you want your designer to make you feel during the project.

Most designers fit into 3 style categories: I am the designer, you are the designer or this is the essence I bring to every project. All are valuable.

happy black couple speaking to their black female interior designer You're Busy: Why Hiring an Interior Designer is Essential for Introvert Self Care

If you have very little idea of what you want, but you know it should be green and fun, then you may want the designer you can say "Do whatever you want" to.

If you want to shop with your interior designer and hunt for the perfect vintage chandelier on Saturday mornings, you should go for the designer who loves to show you every piece before you land on a full look.

For those of you who have moved the sofa 3 times and have had 7 paint swatches on the wall for 3 months, you need the designer who can assess your lifestyle and create a living space that reflects your personal tastes while blending seamlessly with the current style of your home.

Your designer will save you time and money. As an introverted individual, you likely have very specific tastes and maybe some unconventional hobbies. Your designer can take your personal style and find you the perfect pieces for your space that you may not have considered because conventional design advice isn't for you.

Most importantly, your interior designer will connect your emotional needs and the vision you have for your home to a real-life tangible design scheme that will allow you to continue serving your life and activities without raising your stress levels beyond capacity.

3 tiles of 3 different women enjoying their personal time. is your interior design style introverted, empathic, or highly sensitive interior design quiz by design a rose interiors Chicago You're Busy: Why Hiring an Interior Designer is Essential for Introvert Self Care

Find your design inspiration - Are you ready to take your home décor to the next level? Our interior design quiz can help you uncover your personal design style, whether you're introverted, empathic, or highly sensitive. Learn how to create a space that nurtures your soul and expresses your creativity. Take our quiz today and start your journey towards transforming your home!

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