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The Best Luxe Lighting For Home Offices

Your home office furniture should inspire joy. Too often, people only focus on the functional and comfortable areas of home office interior design like seating and desks.

The most important design element is lighting.

3 luxurious chandelier examples for home office lighting ideas. Tap the image to shop lighting fixtures from Design A Rose Interiors
Luxe Lighting Ideas by Design A Rose Interiors

Hey Rosebud,

As you know, I'm an interior designer all about designing interiors that are focused on your personal sense of PEACE: Privacy. Education. Acceptance. Comfort. Expression.

Today's Expression is the Luxe Home Decor design style, and I'm sharing home office lighting ideas and tips that will provide you with the ultimate comfort and luxury in your office while you work from home.

Here are the things you need to consider and plan for in order to curate the best lighting for your luxe home office decor.

You need to be able to see

Ambient lighting and task lighting are the first things to check off of your list.

Ambient light is the overall lighting of the whole room. Using a dimmable home office light fixture will help you to avoid eye strain by allowing you to lower the light levels during certain times of day or during long reading and screen-time sessions. Working from home means we often forget to stop working. (A trick I use, is to put my dimmer on a timer that basically reminds me to eat.)

The best options for ambient lighting in your home office are can lights or recessed lighting. This allows multiple light fixtures throughout the space to avoid dark spots in the room, that you will unconsciously avoid, because it's dark over there.

Task lighting is a helpful assistant that points the light exactly where you need it and holds it steady: These are your desk lamps, the computer monitor clip-on light, a floor lamp, or even a book light. You'll turn these off and on the most, so you'll want LED bulbs.

"LED lightbulbs last 25 to 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs." – U.S. Department of Energy

I hear you... "Can you still buy incandescent light bulbs?" If you haven't heard, they will soon ban incandescent bulbs in the United States. The good news is this move is expected to save consumers $3 billion dollars per year while reducing carbon emissions by 222 million metric tons.

Here are a few LED desk lamps from Design A Rose Interiors that I've picked just for you.

Frame the canvas

Now it's time to be fancy. These are your accent lights.

Framing the room involves options like hidden strip lighting in your coffered ceiling or under your floating wall shelf. Think outside of the box and place a twinkly star light that shines in the corner of the room. Don't be afraid to light your artwork. Use a subtle night light across the room for your midnight work sessions.

These sort of subtle and unexpected design features actually make the room cozy and inviting. It will give you that pampered hotel interior design aesthetic that you deserve on a daily basis.

Luscious, luxury lighting

This is what you came for.

This is the dramatic focal point fixture. The easiest option is a grand chandelier or large pendant. There's also the option of a sculptural table or floor lamp. Show your personality with a Tiffany shade or an industrial stand.

You want an inspiring piece of art (that also illuminates) to put you in the headspace of your business goals. Whether you're trying to feed a town or buy a new house, whatever legacy you're moving toward, give yourself a little boost of pride, courage, or fun to keep you motivated. Using a light fixture to do this is perfect because it becomes a subliminal message that you derive consistent, functional value from.

Here are a few luxury lighting choices you can add to your home office, right now.

Don't Just WFH

You don't want to just work from home: You want to be home for work. While I understand the trap that is being too comfy at home when working, the best way to approach this is to create a work space at home that is actually only for work. But since you are home, make it that office you wish you had when you were in corporate.

Lighting can help you create the personal and focused luxe home office you deserve. Take care of ambient lighting first, so you can have fun with your task and accent lights. Make sure you have enough light for all of your different work spaces and the times of day you like to work, as this will lower eye strain and stress. Highlight architectural elements or unique art with accent lighting. And keep yourself inspired with the show-stopping focal point fixture.

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Maybe this lighting blog is so perfect, you now know exactly what to put in your office. But what about the rest of the office and the rest of the house, Quiana?

I would love to help you create a place of PEACE throughout your home.

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Your interior can express your creative personality with relaxing and rejuvenating design solutions that are soothing, modern, and beautiful. Design A Rose builds personal comfort into every room for you and your family. We also make sure that your home nurtures your fun side, your emotional side, your mom side… all of your sides.

Your home should be everything: stress free, relaxing, inspiring, and rejuvenating.

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