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Creating HER Sacred Space


With interior designer for empaths, QuianaRose, and soul seeker & host of Her Sacred Soul Space, Marsha C.

Join me & Marsha as we talk through how we see the gift of being an empath, and most importantly, how to nurture your empathic nature inside of your own home. This is one of the most comfortable conversations I've had with a fellow empath, Rosebud 🖤🌹

Watch our Live Zoom Chat

Marsha is a spiritual midwife and coach. As the host of Her Sacred Soul Space, she is bringing awareness to women on how to connect with your gifts and your soul purpose on all levels of spirituality and practicality.

QuianaRose, owner of Design A Rose Interiors in Chicago, IL, creates tranquil and luxurious interior home designs for introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people seeking a relaxing and fun home environment.

The Why for QuianaRose

As an interior designer, I'm committed to creating soothing, luxurious spaces for introverts, empaths and highly sensitive people in Chicago, IL and across the U.S. By leveraging my own experiences as an introvert, empath and highly sensitive person, I understand and can craft thoughtful and beautiful interior designs that nurture, comfort, and help you to express your creative personality and family lifestyle.

My goal is to work with you to develop interior design solutions that honor your vision of home. I work with women who've inherited a family home, just built their first home, or are finally ready for a remodel. I want to prioritize your emotional and physical needs and do it all with an attentive and stress-free approach.

Come find solace, calm, and fun in a transitional home that brings you peace and joy.

Feel free to tap the button below and schedule a free Clarity Call to learn more about how you can have a Luxurious and PEACEful home.

Looking forward, Rosebud 🖤🌹


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