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3 Simple Steps to Creating Your Personal Outdoor Oasis!

4 Season Room by Design A Rose Interiors in Indiana with cozy round dining table and wicker sofa set with cushions Create Your Personal Outdoor Oasis

Having an outdoor living space is essential to creating the peaceful and connected environment you're always looking for as an Internal individual. Introverts seek a place to focus and be introspective. For you, as an empath, a connection with the natural elements of Earth will keep you grounded and self-aware. And for your highly sensitive nature, natural elements will help you clear some of the sensory overload I know you are constantly trying to manage. I have some tips that will help you create the tranquil, luxe environment you deserve.

#1: Daydream, then Decide on the Outdoor Space's Dedicated Purpose

Don't just stick lawn chairs and an umbrella outside. Give your outdoor space a purpose that serves you in particular. Are you a reader? Are you a stargazer? Do you love tea time? Do you need to sit and eat cheese with your sister? Consider who you are and what small activities help you to feel euphoric and/or serene. Then, do that. Build your 4-season room or a beautiful gazebo. Extend your kitchen window or patio into a functional and comfortable outdoor kitchen for barbeques. Make it fit who you are.

#2: Get Inspired, then Go Shopping for Quality Outdoor Furniture

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If you are planning to stay in your home for 5+ years or if this will be an income property in some way, buy quality furniture. Buy things to suit your climate. Sunlight and precipitation fade or wear down outdoor fabrics. Man-made fibers such as coated polyester, acrylic, and olefin are the best solution for outdoor fabric because they outlast natural fibers and also provide superior resistance to moisture. Consider if your climate is sunny or cold and look for fabrics that are UV resistant, mold & mildew resistant, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water or a light bleach solution.

If your family needs to slam the UNO cards down, then make sure you are buying sturdy pieces that can keep everyone focused on the fun for years. If you like to lounge and linger in the night, consider comfy armchairs, swings, ottomans and easy to clean pillows. Just make sure it's not on sale because everyone who bought it before you returned it.

#3: Plan it Out, then Purposefully Layer Furniture, Accessories & Decor

An outdoor space is an extension of your indoor lifestyle. So don't forget the layers and accessories that bring a home to life. Use a comfy outdoor rug. Find unique and decorative ways to place your citronella candles or ultrasonic pest repellants. Create lighting options that can dim or change colors for movie nights. Buy pieces with hidden storage options for throws, tableware, and emergency lighting. If you have to keep moving back and forth from indoors to outdoors, 1) "You're letting all my air out", and 2) it means your outdoor space isn't yet equipped to help you reconnect to the Earth and away from the overwhelm.

"Don't just stick lawn chairs and an umbrella outside."

Make sure your outdoor living space is reflecting your personality and your happy triggers. Give yourself permission to put in a pond or create a glass she-shed, whatever you need to do. This will be your grounding station for years to come, and it should be strong and dependable. So seek out quality items to match your climate and lifestyle. Your home outdoor living space should be what glamping is to camping. It is between your indoor world and the outdoor amenities you love, so accessorize and decorate your outdoor space to bridge that gap.

Ready for an outdoor space that leaves you speechless (in the best way)?

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