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So, You Want a Walk-In Shower

Hey Rosebud, I am QuianaRose of Design A Rose Interiors. One of my specialties is bathroom design. Quite often, I go to a consultation and the client is interested in installing a walk-in shower only. So, the objective is to take out the bathtub that they are currently not really using. I have heard all of the arguments: it's too high to step over, no one can really get down there and sit inside of it, it's too difficult to clean, they prefer the function of a shower, they prefer the look of a shower, no one in the household really uses this bathtub, and so many other reasons. The first thing I say is, "This is your home and we can definitely remove this bathtub and create a walk-in shower for you that is more functional and comfortable." However, let me state this disclaimer. A bathroom is not legally a full bathroom unless there is also a bathtub. There must be a sink, a toilet, a shower, and a bathtub in order to be considered a full bathroom. If there is only a shower, sink, and toilet, then it is a 3/4 bathroom. If you only have a toilet and a sink, it is a 1/2 bath. Yes, there have been spaces sold or rented without a bathtub. But, depending on where you live, you may not be able to sell or rent that space without at least one full bathroom within it. And even if you are able to resell or rent the property, your resale value will have decreased if there is no bathtub in any of the bathrooms. Bathtubs are very useful for those who need to wash children or pets, those who cannot stand in the shower, or perhaps some who may not have the height for a typical shower and are not yet looking to remodel the space before moving in. So make sure you think long and hard about future use, whether your own or a new occupant's, before removing the only bathtub in the home. And tacking on to my original statement, if you are going to live in this space for 10 or 20 or more years, feel free to remove the bathtub and make yourself comfortable. Here is a little more advice from me as a professional designer. If you decide to pull the trigger and remove the bathtub, you should install a seat within your new walk-in shower. You can put in a platform seat if you have the space. That is best reserved for a shower length that is 60 in or more.

If you have a typical sized shower, a folding wall mounted seat is a great option. You will be able to age in place with that shower. If a time comes where you cannot stand, the fold down seat allows you to preserve the function of your shower without having to do more remodeling work. Also, a folding seat allows those who need the seat to use it, and anyone who does not need it gets to keep the expanse of space they enjoy. There's definitely nothing wrong with removing the bathtub to create a walk-in shower. Just make sure that you have considered all future use and possibilities for your residential location. If you would like to schedule an online or in-person consultation with me, you can do so right here on If you would like to tell me a little bit more about your project, or ask me a few questions beforehand, you can schedule a call with me here, and we can get to know more about each other. During our time of social distancing, if you are in Chicago,IL, and you have an emergency situation for your bathroom or kitchen, you can still reach out to me. I have relationships with essential contractors who can help you. I work with the top bathroom contractor in the nation. I will make sure that your space is functional, beautiful, and well thought out. I look forward to working with you Rosebud. I hope you are safe and well. And I wish you a beautiful day. QuianaRose


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