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6 Signs That You're An Empath

Are you an empath?

If you came to this blog post, I highly believe you already know the answer and just want to get a kick out of if I’m right or wrong…LOL.

I knew I was an empath at about the age of 8. I had no clue that there was a word for this nor that it was a type of person. But I knew it was one of my purposes on earth. And I have a whole slightly religious story that confirmed my belief about it around the age of 17 or 18; however, story for a different day.

I’m QuianaRose. I’m an unconventional interior designer who creates interior environments of PEACE for introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people. I do this because I am this, and I know what it is like to experience a world that isn’t quite designed for us. But enough about me; Let’s prove that you are an empath.


Are you confused?

The average empath is not a group-think type of individual. When among crowds, not only may you be uncomfortable, but you might be confused or irritated by the behavior of the crowd or group. Human beings are a pack animal. And it is dangerous to go against the pack. That is how weaker animals get left behind and attacked. So our instincts are to naturally go with the group—go with the flow. But our lovely empathic being is on a different frequency. I like to think that the empath is an evolutionary necessity that is able to see the whole situation in occurrence while the rest of the pack is focused on the immediate issue. This broader sense of space and time gives us the option to see if the tunnel focus of the group is beneficial in the long run. We can also sense if the majority of decisions are being made based on fear or complaisance. All of this happens in seconds, and your immediate response is typically, What? Why would they..?


Do you call yourself a hypochondriac?

Perhaps you sometimes hear a story of someone’s struggles with an illness and find yourself experiencing a few sympathy pains for a few hours or days. Do you have symptoms of your own, read about possible illnesses, and then watch those symptoms develop within yourself over the next few days? If you actually have the mental health anxiety disorder that is hypochondriasis, then your issue is an unfounded constant worry that has been physiologically disproven vs. the occasional, uncomfortable sympathy pain that empaths experience. You may have longer experiences with mimicking illness or pain when a person you are emotionally close to or even often in close proximity to suffers from an illness or pain.


Absolute BS!

Maybe you are not a human lie detector, but can you tell how everyone feels even when they are hiding it? Do your people come to you to judge if a new person in their life is nefarious? This is an aura detector. People wear their true energy like a skin. Whether you can see it or just sense it doesn’t matter; you know who they are at heart before you even say hello. There are a few people who can cloak this energy, but that really just consists of hiding it (not disguising it). Once you are aware of this gift, you’ll be able to determine that anyone who is capable of hiding it is probably worth avoiding.


Do you hate the news?

I mean genuinely sick-to-your-stomach hate the news? It’s because it hurts, right? It drains the empath for hours afterward. Depressing news of death, destruction, and hunger on repeat is an absolute no-no for the empath. DO NOT ENGAGE. DO NOT FEED THE BEARS. Being up to date on current events and absorbing pain are definitely different. You need to find your threshold of tolerance. To avoid holding on to it, taking part in grounding and/or stress-reducing activities after hearing bad news reports is helpful.


Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay.

You fully understood that, right? Are you the animal whisperer in your crew? Do you like dogs or cats or lizards more than people? Remember that I said empaths are on a different frequency. I believe that gives us an interesting ability to understand animals better. Animals communicate, for the majority, without sound. There is a whole lot of body language, smell, and what I feel is some sort of sensing language similar to the sensing ability of the empathic human. Sometimes a person learns to become an empath because the home life they grew up in required them to have acute senses for their survival. (That is not insinuating only negative home-life situations). That mandatory necessity to understand can manifest and an individual who is highly in tune with the energy around them—our empath. This gives us a couple of notches towards our extrasensory pets (see what I did there) who have super hearing and uncanny abilities to know when people are sad or sick.


Are you a sickly person?

This one can be a bit touchy. As inoffensively as it can be stated, if you are an empath who has not mastered your talent and how to expel the negative, you may suffer from a large illness or condition like lupus or bipolar disorder. No, I am not blaming these entire illnesses on the absorption of negativity. I am saying that it is a contributing factor and that mastering the relief of your empath energies will give you some level of relief in your illnesses. Basically, constant negativity is making you ill. You need to find a way to socially distance yourself from it (ideally forever). Codependency is real. Figure out which side you are on, no matter whom it is with, and cut that unnecessarily excessive emotional chord. You can’t help if you’re broken.

Am I disgustingly right? Am I deliciously wrong? I based these signs on my own experiences and many conversations with many empaths for years. I’d love to know what you thought of this list; please leave a comment.

Do you know how to prioritize your empath nature in your home?

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