Hey, Rosebud

You're an introvert, empath, and/or highly sensitive person. You are somehow both extremely quiet and extremely loud. 


You are the type of person who works hard day in and day out to bring all the things to your world: peace, money, activity, success, growth, contentment, beauty, love... You help everyone, sometimes to the degree of not helping yourself. You have ideas and more ideas. You have goals and more goals. You schedule and pin and write and journal and organize and fall off and get back up. You may have trouble saying "no" or delegating, but you know when it is seriously time to do so.


You have a unique vision of who you are, and any self-doubt that lingers over you, you will either fake it until you make it or mantra it away. Art is a nice way to focus, express, and control your life experience. Your hard work and passion are tied together and you deserve a reward for your success. Be NICE to yourself, Rosebud.