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Did you see a Design A Rose Interior that you just loved? Before you DM us, we miss it, and it goes out of stock, check to see if the item is on our Shop the Look curated page for The Internal. This page holds our featured designs. As it grows, you'll see our furniture collections and whole designs you can download.

Browse the items here. Click on any furniture item and you'll be taken right to the eShop.

I Already Did It

Cute Pug on Sofa

Cozy Introvert Sofas

Several Open Books

Book Nook


Full Room Looks

1. Look through the full room looks here.

2. Click YES to the look you want for your eDesign.

-It will be similar. Note that sometimes items are out of stock or won't fit in your space.

3. Fill out the project contact form and mention that you want the "___" full room look.

4. QuianaRose will follow up with you on timelines, details, and additional options. 



Grains of Sand Living Room Design A Rose
Grains of Sand

~$22,000 Furniture & Decor

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