Who is QuianaRose?

Random info

I am a proud fempreneur of color

My style is feminine and eclectic

Bananas are my favorite (but not in my smoothie)

I am passionate about literacy for children

My hobby is proofreading novels for authors

I can't get rid of a book... ever

I have always been an overachiever

I understand the harm of stress

I love dogs. Cats love me

I support freedom of lifestyle for all

Useful Info

My mother and I shared a room when I was growing up. I know our scenario wasn't typical, but it did give me great appreciation for spending some down time in a comfortable space that was tailored to my needs. My mom worked hard as a single parent. When she came home, we'd lie in our bed with 15 pillows, I'd point out the hilarious psychology behind the new garbage pail sticker I had put on the closet door, and we'd play games while listening to Lionel Richie on the record player. (Can you guess how old I am?)

What I noticed was her joy and release of stress when she was in a comfortable and familiar space that included all of her unique needs and all of her loved ones.

I believe that you also need to come home to a space that is tailored to you. I want to surround you with the things that comfort you, the colors that you like, the smells that you enjoy, and the function that makes your life easier.

What I do:

I am a personal interior designer for residential and hospitality locations. I solve social and sensory overwhelm with an approach I call Interiors for The Internal. That means I curate an interior environment for empaths, introverts, and highly sensitive people

My three-step process is called the Value of Design
1. A project management outline is created to control the whole project.
2. Evidence-based design principles are applied, meaning present and future data and information are collected about the inhabitants and the space itself.
3. The evidence collected in Step 2 is used to help create a unique design for you that will leave you feeling refreshed and accomplished.


Design a Rose (DaR) is owned and operated by me, Quiana Goodrum, aka QuianaRose. I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing as well as a master’s degree in interior design from Harrington College of Design in Chicago, IL. I have 6 years of background in the industry. After working in the corporate arena for an architectural stone manufacturer in sales, I decided to branch out on my own to create unique spaces for my clients (Rosebuds). I currently spend a lot of my time in bathroom design and restoration in Chicago and the South suburbs. I am especially drawn to hospitality. Meaning what I bring to your home decor is the luxury, wow, and comfort you find in the best hotels.