Enjoy your new haven, Rosebud, with Resting Bluebird!


Take advantage of this healing bedroom, complete with your own aloe vera plant.


The Resting Bluebird design has a minimalist aesthetic, present in both the amount of product as well as the color palette. This is a perfect place of PEACE and relief for the Highly Sensitive Person. The room helps to avoid overstimulation and provides a private location to decompress by using clean lines, subtle patterns, and plush comforts like the wide down-filled armchair.


Blue is universally associated with broad, natural backgrounds like water and sky. For all Internal types, the nature nod in this bedroom encourages one to let go of all the things and make a fresh start. If you're an empath who needs to feel grounded or an introvert who needs to block out the clutter, Resting Bluebird is the perfect bedroom design for you.


Resting Bluebird

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