How QuianaRose Creates Interiors for The Internal

Hey Rosebud 🌹

If you identify as an introvert, an empath, or a highly sensitive person, you are going to want to read this.

I am QuianaRose, the owner of Design A Rose Interiors. I offer in-person full-service design for Chicagoland, Illinois and eDesign across the US. I specifically offer a special brand of interior design that I call Interiors for The Internal.

What is Interiors for The Internal? Of course I get this question a lot because I made up Interiors for The Internal.

Well first of all, I am one of the internal. I am an introvert. This means I thoroughly enjoy spending time alone. I genuinely enjoy being able to focus on whatever it is I need to do at the time.

I am also an empath. I am very well tuned in to the feelings and projections of those around me. I can usually tell how someone feels even if I'm not with them, especially if they're a very close member of my circle. I lay no claim that empathic abilities are or are not super natural. I am perfectly open to them being a super natural gift or a learned astute awareness.

Lastly, I am a highly sensitive person. I have a few types of senses and locations on my body that are incredibly reactive to stimulation. My sense of smell is bananas. I cannot walk through a perfume department. If another human being touches my eyebrows, you will get the smackdown. I can sense electrical surges. My ears perk up at the same time my dogs' ears perk up whenever we hear something.

Basically, I've used these three traits; introvert, empath, and highly sensitive person; to create The Internal.

I have actually spent a number of years studying inward-thinking people, their behaviors, and their needs. And a need that is almost never consistently met for me and others I have come across is interior design. Once the open office plan and the open plan home invaded all buildings, we who need a personal private bubble have been dammed to antisocial persecution. Why the war on walls, y'all? Seriously?

So, I spent my master's-level interior design studies creating a dynamic and a set of principles for how to properly accommodate the needs, desires, and environment for inward-thinking people, whom I have termed The Internal.

Okay, get on with the #interiordesign part, Quiana. Below is a render of a sitting room design I made. This room was for a family that included a member of The Internal. At first glance, it may not be obvious how this room accommodates someone who likes to be alone. But, I will take a few minutes to break down some of the ways I created this room to nurture The Internal psyche.

Introverts are not completely antisocial. We enjoy more intimate relationships and social situations. You will notice that the sofa's seating area is set off from the armchair seating area. If my young introvert were to have a larger than 2 social gathering, there are nice small pockets for his small get together to split off and have concentrated conversations. Additionally, when the rest of the family is centrally gathered, there is a nice desk in the corner for him to work, read, or play, therefore reveling in the comfort of separation while also benefiting from the enjoyment of community. This room serves our empath Internals as well.

Empaths in general tend to respond well to biophilia. It helps them harness there experience of others' projections by keeping the empath grounded. Biophilia in interior design is the practice of including and celebrating things produced in nature within a space. This is not to be confused with biomimicry which is a study of biological systems' structures and processes to help with human tools & technology like air conditioning and building structure to create natural solutions. Whew! All that to say I included some very vibrant expressions of nature within the space to stimulate and comfort an empathic person. Notice the chinoiserie wallpaper mural to complement the outdoor space. The colors of teal and white are continued throughout the room. And other natural occurrences such as the zebra print and the wood materials enhance the nature theme. Highly sensitive people are harder to generalize, but this living space is also set up to help with their sensitivities.

It is extremely helpful to an HSP to be able to control their environment, especially on an individual level. As you can see, this room has a number of lighting options: concentrated task lighting, expansive ambient lighting, and significant natural light. This allows many combination options to accommodate any light sensitivity an HSP person might have. The multiple seating option textures from soft fabric to leather to hardwood provide a variety of choices and comfort levels. The choice to avoid the typical concentric conversation space by splitting them into three options with opposing sightlines helps to keep the sound somewhat private in each seating pocket. I'm sure you know that it's harder to understand someone who is speaking when they are turned away from you. Well that is actually the effect we want in this situation.

You know that Meme about your English teacher saying the purple drapes in the main character's room represents the royalty within her heart, blah blah blah? A true interior designer actually is trained to consciously focus on material, color, lighting and environment to express, serve, mitigate, and/or enhance emotion and function. Maybe the author didn't, but the interior designer picked those purple drapes to match the royalty within her heart.

I want to know more about your interior design experiences, Rosebud. Do you wish you had your cubicle back? Do you actually want walls surrounding your kitchen? Are you hiding from your family in the bathroom right now? This most likely is because you are one of The Internal, and your interior environment is not serving your specific needs.

Comment below and tell me about your interior environment challenges and needs.

I'd love to help you create a comfortable space that serves uniquely you.

If you want to learn more about The Internal, I have an immersive course on all about who we are and what the specific needs of introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people are individually and as cross-over traits. The course will feed you even more about how to handle your own mental comfort in a world that is fairly extroverted.

I want to hear from you, Rosebud.

Be safe,