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What is a Victory Garden for Design a Rose?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I have a 'growing hand.' Now if it is a plant I'm tending to, it's lost it's life for sure. But this growing hand is a gift from my grandmother. It means that if I tend to your hair, I can make it grow. It's not even a special hair-care product sort of trick, just a love, care, and attention... a delicate touch. I loved this notion when it was brought up to me. It seemed like such a loving thing to have and to be able to do for someone.

I approach everything I do for someone with a growing hand. This Victory Garden will just be me loving love and attention for others. And I believe if you too are a busy entrepreneur, you spend a lot of your time helping others. Whatever your product or service, you have a passion for it, and you want to help those who don't even know they need it.

I'm going to share stories of help that cross my path, whether it was me or someone else, including my design projects. That is my definition of victory. I am going to fill this blog garden with victorious, loving moments.

So, here goes one. I went to vote. When I got home, I received a text from my cousin asking if I was mad at her since I ignored her at the polls. I absolutely missed her human presence. Reason probably being, I've left my 9-5 and started a company all by my lonesome that I've wanted to do for 14 years. I was a little preoccupied with myself. I told her why I didn't see her and apologized. She immediately offered me a job to help keep me on my feet. No questions, no judgements, no backsies, just pure unconditional help. It gives me confidence. I'm going to let her help me. I'm going to do a great job for her, and I am going o pay it forward.

Design a Rose has eDesign options for those far away, but as we're in Chicago, QuianaRose can help with your local Chicagoland home project as well. Check out our website at www.DesignaRose.com and see what best fits your investment. You will receive love, care, and attention on your home throughout your service.

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I'm ready to do this. Let's help.

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