Frequently Asked Questions


How is Design a Rose different from other interior designers?

QuianaRose is an interior designer introvert. This means that my attention to detail and close relationship skills are highly in tune with whomever I'm communicating with. Listening and empathizing with your needs is the number one priority for your project. I want you to feel heard and in love with your space. I also want to provide detailed information to help your shopping go smoothly for your eDesign.

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Which are the specialty areas that Design a Rose works in?

Comfort is Key. The specialty of Design a Rose lies in the hide-a-way places. That hide-a-way is different for everyone. It could be your kitchen, your bedroom, or your man cave. We take inspiration from you and nature to create entertainment spaces that wow and welcome while also providing an ultimate haven of peace and calm. Always know that you can never have enough pillows.


What information do I need to provide to start the project?

This is all about you. What colors do you love and hate? We will ask for your sketches, clippings, links, and all around inspiration images. We'll ask if you are Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, Eclectic, or undefinable. We want to know about your fashion likes and dislikes. We'll need measurements of your space and images from all angles of the desired rooms to be designed. We'll request this general information before your Scope Debrief and we'll discuss this in your Scope Debrief call.

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How does DaR work with my desired investment?

Design a Rose is open to all budget levels, but we will follow up your initial debrief call with the realistic options available to your space and budget. Most often, desired options have a high demand and a high dollar value. We do not wish to specify material for your project that will cause higher expenses down the road. But note that this is an eDesign service, and all products specified will be retail, which is not the same general quality as trade products.
This is typically how it works:
Quality + Inexpensive ≠ Fast
Inexpensive + Fast ≠ Quality
Fast + Quality ≠ Inexpensive


What does my eDesign fee cover?

For a Design, your interior designer's selection responsibility includes the following.

Color Scheme

Wall, Floor, & Ceiling coverings

Window and Door Treatments

Furniture, Finishes, & Equipment

FF&E Arrangement

Traffic Flow

ADA Compliance

Art Pieces



Your designer will spend time shopping for you, making rearrangements and selections to stay within your budget, and constructing numerous documents and images to convey the design in the best way for you to implement it.


For Full-Service design, your interior designer's duties include the following.

An informational consultation

Gathering and processing of your wants, needs, and concerns

Creating a Personal Branded direction for the project

Development of safe and functional layout and environment

Design and refinement of all design features

Procurement of all design features

Scheduling and management of all parties involved in installation

Styling and accessorizing of all spaces

Photography of all spaces

Care information for all products

Follow up with you on latent needs




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How does the process work?

  1. You decide you'd love to know more about how Design a Rose can design your space.

  2. Book a free 20-minute "Get to know QuianaRose Inquiry Call." Availability to work on your project will be discussed here.

  3. You're ready. We're ready. Purchase an eDesign, Quick Service, or Informational Consultation package from the DaR Shop above.

  4. Design a Rose will send an Agreement to you to sign. 

  5. You will also receive a request for your design style and challenge, your inspiration information, and directions on how to measure your space to submit to us.

  6. Schedule a corresponding booking to your purchase above.

  7. For ongoing projects, receive weekly updates on your project. Week one's update will require you to say yay or nay to the direction of the aesthetic within 48 hours.

  8. Receive your Room Design deliverables.

  9. Design a Rose will follow up with you on next steps for future work.