Designer In You

I know The Internal are typically studious and cautious because that's me.

I made sure to offer design options like my DIY: Designer In You online products.

It's quite well documented that inward thinking people can actually be very social in online settings.

This service allows you to control your environment while also receiving

professional, detailed, and personal interior design assistance.


It also allows me to serve my community of Rosebuds across endless locations.


Impressive Bathroom

Are you an Introvert who needs some me time?

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nature living room design green sofa white wing chairs

The Best Room

Are you an Empath who needs a little more nature in their space?

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Black and blue kitchen design idea

Dream Kitchen

Are you highly sensitive and need control over light levels?

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1  eDesign Room

Your Average Deliverables Include

  • 1, 60-minute phone or Zoom briefing

  • 1 floor plan with ff&e placement indicated

  • A custom color palette

  • 1 concept board 

  • 1 3D view of the room design

  • A master shopping list with clickable links

  • Instructions for implementation

  • 1 revision included

  • 1, 60-minute phone or Zoom debriefing

  • Turnaround averages 14 days

Add-ons are available for some, including

furniture procurement and shipping options!


You may not need a full eDesign. A Color Collaboration can help you decide on fabric & wall colorings... This service is purely to give you color direction for your space. Do you need help deciding between tile #1 and tile #2? Designer In Your Pocket entitles you to 5 hours of time to ask whatever design decision has you stumped. The best part is you can spread out your time in 30-minute increments.

Designer On Call

Color Collaboration

How about a room refresh. Changing a few key colors can create new energy​.

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Designer In Your Pocket

We can quickly validate your choice, tell you what's most durable, or settle an argument.

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1 Room

Average Deliverables

Color Collaboration

2 color palette layouts of main & accent colors with paint & wall covering choices

A shopping list of paint colors, wall coverings, & fabric options you should test in your home under different lighting conditions

5 Hours

Average Deliverables

Designer In Your Pocket

30-minute blocks with a maximum of 10 sessions

Phone/text/email decision assistance/sessions

Designer assistance within 6 months of purchase

Possibility for a Chicagoland shop-a-long trip