Our Mission

Interiors for The Internal

Design A Rose Interiors creates a unique design experience for you,

the introverted, the empathic, and/or the highly sensitive

by accommodating your personal sense of PEACE:

Privacy. Education. Acceptance. Comfort. Expression.

You know that rare feeling of peace you get when your week is done, and you can take off your shoes, take a deep breath, lean back, and read a book that is pure recreation? 

Yeah.., that kind of PEACE.

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- Leslie Levy, Real Estate Broker

Quiana was punctual and very accommodating. She took her time being detailed with my consultation and provided an honest estimate. Her ideas for my event hall were very elegant and were perfect for the feeling of togetherness, community, and empowerment I want to convey with all my events.


- Arthur Anderson, Financial Advisor

I had trouble visualizing how to set up my theatre room. Best Buy's design team was a joke (no design … only sales). I called Design A Rose. With Quiana's creativity and industry knowledge, she put together an unbelievable design. All I had to do was take some measurements, then supply her with the dimensions and "before" room photos. An easy and seamless process. Thank you Design A Rose.


Dear Rosebud,

At this point, you may be wondering...

What are Interiors for The Internal?

After dissecting my own life and experiences as an introvert, an empath, and a highly sensitive person, I took it upon myself to apply those revelations to my lifelong desire to be an interior designer.


For years, I've researched and found no real connection in the interior design industry that satisfied the needs of inward-thinking people: People couldn't find space at work. All the new homes had zero walls as a universal requirement. All of the introvert design articles pitched a book and a nook and done.


I created the term Internal to give a holistic description and a common language reference to a part of society that is often underserved. I am a personal interior designer for my clients to give them the freedom to be themselves, the atmosphere to be productive, and the unique energy they need to feel inspired.

Coming soon is my membership group: Know Your Internal Self. Learn more about how I'm helping the world to understand the true needs and misunderstandings of introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people. You'll also have a chance to let me know what you want to see in this membership group.



Interior Designer in Chicago

Let's create an environment that brings you PEACE.

Tap here and tell us a little about your space.


- Robin B, Architectural Manager, Building Products

I had the pleasure of working with Quiana on a conceptual design for a Fortune 200 company. She approached the project with professionalism, keeping the timeline and budget in mind while producing creative options for the client to consider. Her technical ability to produce conceptual renderings in a variety of software platforms made her an incredible asset when deciding on the best approach to present the work. If you are looking for an interior designer that can bring innovative solutions via best practices, I would highly recommend Quiana for the job.