3-Step Process

Understanding You

  1. Select the design service that meets your needs

  2. On your own personal portal tell us about your project

  3. Securely review, sign, & pay your proposal online

  4. Share your style, challenges, thoughts, & inspirations

  5. Share your definitions & examples of P.E.A.C.E.

  6. Images & measurements of the space(s) are gathered

Uniquely You

  1. Your designer sends you the project management timeline

  2. You'll receive a custom concept board for approval

  3. We'll source items & finishes from vendors for you

  4. We'll then create a design plan that brings you PEACE

  5. A design presentation will show plans, renders, & materials

  6. You can purchase your budgeted design on your own

  7. Or, we'll procure the design plan materials for you


  1. Review your design with your designer for any tweaks

  2. For the Designer In You, you decide when to implement

  3. For project management, pay your merchandise budget

  4. We'll order & track all merchandise

  5. Trade installations are scheduled, completed, & paid for

  6. Merchandise is received, inspected, managed, & stored

  7. Investment review & payment of final invoices

  8. Installation day for furniture, equipment, and decor

  9. Styling, photography, & walkthrough

  10. Adjustments & debriefing

  11. Admire what you created, Rosebud!

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